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Meiji EMZ-13 Stereo Zoom Microscope with PKL-2 LED Illuminated Stand

The Meiji EMZ-13 microscope body and the EMZ-13TR trinocular microscope body with the Greenough optical system offers a 7:1 zoom ratio and provides exceptional image quality and excellent depth of field.

The PKL-2 stand is an ergonomic pole type stand with dual LED illumination system, coarse focusing holder, 5 watt LED incident illumination, dual variable intensity control, removable glass stage plate, two stage clips, and power cord.



Meiji Techno's laboratory grade upright microscope line is the new and cost-effective ML5000 Series Biological Microscopes.


Digital CCD Video Cameras

Top quality CCD digital camera technology from Meiji Techno! Designed for clinical, life science, material science and education professionals working under low light conditions. Live video preview provides for real time focusing ability. These cameras include intuitive software to take full advantage of the cameras feature set as well as compatibility with 3rd party microscopy applications.



Fl-6000 LED Fiber Optic Lighting

Our high intensity, energy efficient LED fiber optic illuminators deliver bright white LED lighting and higher output than 150 watt halogen light sources.